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In our consulting work, we've found that occasionally, family owned businesses have the need of professional advice in very specialized areas, areas beyond our core expertise. For them, we have recommended some of the businesses we've successfully worked with in our 30 years of consulting.

The business philosophy of Rauenhorst Recruiting Company is simple and effective. "We help your company achieve its strategic goals by providing the key talent and consultative assistance required to be successful."

Wealth Management Consultants, Inc. (WMC) provides fee-only financial counseling to corporate executives, wealthy individuals and family business owners internationally.

Executive Coaching
Gary Cohen at CO2 Partners helps new and established leaders achieve peak performance for themselves and for the organization they are taking to new heights. This is done through a combination of business coaching, consulting and training. CO2 Partners also offers executive search services for clients.

Ask Don't Tell Leadership
This is a leader to leader forum of learning how to move from being a leader to becoming an exceptional leader. Explore how leaders can use questions to move an organization to its end goal while inspiring, motivating, building trust, empowering, teaching, guiding and not telling. It is about everyday leadership!

Perfect Biz Match

PERFECT BIZ MATCH is a road map to help managers navigate in today's complex and challenging business environment and steer their organizations on a path to success. Created by The Jack Tesmer Institute which is headquartered in Minneapolis andis comprised of executives, researchers, and educators  - all committedto helping business survive and thrive in  today's turbulent markets. The Jack Tesmer Institute is an "assessment" company, dedicated todeveloping and delivering reliable and valid assessments of thecompetitive market position of products and services.

Based on Jack Tesmer's book, the Free PBM assessment is the cornerstone of a dynamic block of well tested assessment offerings.

Minnesota Family Business Awards
Hubler for Business Families has partnered with Minnesota Business Magazine to create the annual Minnesota Family Business Awards.

Nominate an Outstanding Family Business for the 2010 Minnesota Family Business Awards.

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Tom Hubler DVD
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In our consulting work, we've found that occasionally, family owned businesses have the need of professional advice in very specialized areas, areas beyond our core expertise. For them, we have recommended some of the businesses we've successfully worked with in our 30 years of consulting. Read More
We encourage you to make use of these resources for family owned businesses. The expert information and guidance they offer can prove useful for any family business, regardless of the issues it's facing. Read More
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Cornerstone of Hubler for Business Families:

The Soul of Family Business


Take this risk-free first step in ensuring the continued success of your family business now. There is no charge for the orientation meeting other than out-of-pocket expenses for travel. 


Does your family business need help with succession planning, conflict resolution, management or other issues? If so, we'll arrange a one-on-one orientation meeting with you and Tom Hubler to help you explore the possibilities of working with us. If you choose, your family and business associates can also attend. Here, in a relaxed environment, you can talk about:

- Key family business issues
- Plans necessary for the success of your family-owned business
- Possibilities and expectations
- Terms of the relationship
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