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Ownership Planning
Ownership PlanningOwnership Planning is a part of succession planning having to do with how the ownership is transferred to the next generation.  It focuses initially on the economic security issues for the parents and determines whether or not the stock will be gifted, sold, or the form in which it will be transferred.  This is a highly technical area of planning that includes a multi-disciplinary team of advisors to assist the owner-entrepreneur in the completion of the Ownership Plan.

Related to the Ownership Plan is the Estate Plan.  The five priorities for estate planning include:
  1. A decision about whether or not there will be another generation of the family involved in ownership
  2. Economic security for the parents
  3. Equitable treatment of the children
  4. Minimization of estate taxes
  5. Family awareness about the plan
Ownership planning also includes wealth preservation planning, as well as wealth preparation planning.  Wealth preservation planning is where the owner-entrepreneur work with his/her advisors to preserve the wealth that they have created.  Related to this is wealth preparation planning which is planning for the impact of money on the family so that the adult children and grandchildren are not corrupted by money, and that the family can live consistent with its values regarding money.

Another aspect of ownership planning is determining a family policy about distributions and whether or not there will be distributions above and beyond the distributions for tax purposes.  It is often a delicate issue in family businesses and is something that needs to be addressed directly.

The final aspect of ownership planning is the development of the board of directors.  When necessary, the creation of an active governance function within the family business.
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