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AboutAbout UsHubler for Business Families offers family-owned business consulting: We Work to Keep the Family In Business.Tom HublerA nationally recognized expert on family business issues, Tom Hubler continues his long-standing dedication to helping families of wealth and family-owned businesses succeed.Duchie Van HovenDuchie Van Hoven has extensive experience with family owned businesses, both as a family member and as an outside consultant.Bob GazichBob Gazich is a student of business and of people. His successful career in sales and sales management taught him firsthand the importance and challenges of working with and leading others in a business setting.
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Take this risk-free first step in ensuring the continued success of your family business now. There is no charge for the orientation meeting other than out-of-pocket expenses for travel. 


Does your family business need help with succession planning, conflict resolution, management or other issues? If so, we'll arrange a one-on-one orientation meeting with you and Tom Hubler to help you explore the possibilities of working with us. If you choose, your family and business associates can also attend. Here, in a relaxed environment, you can talk about:

- Key family business issues
- Plans necessary for the success of your family-owned business
- Possibilities and expectations
- Terms of the relationship
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