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The Miller family had a very successful family-owned business, the success having exceeded the father's wildest dreams. He was particularly concerned about their resources and using them for the benefit of the community as opposed to having the family corrupted by them. You can see the vision they have created for themselves. The father's individual vision focuses on his role in the company as well as mentoring his children.

Miller Common Family Vision

We are a loving and proud family that upholds the highest values of integrity, respect, acceptance and open communication. We encourage each other while maintaining a spiritual and balanced life, sharing our wealth and personal gifts to the benefit of our family and community. Remaining loyal to each other and our traditions, we celebrate our family unity.
Prayer for Loving Kindness
May our family be filled with loving kindness
May we be well
May our family be peaceful and at ease
May our family be happy

Father's Individual Vision

I am a leader that is developing our family business into an organization that continues to be an independent and growing company, long after my involvement, with employees that are proud of their association with the company. I also provide leadership and guidance to my family in improving and uplifting the lives of my children and grandchildren.


May Alice experience herself as a loving, caring and supportive wife, daughter and sister, who gives of herself unconditionally to her family.

May Dave experience himself as a link between today and tomorrow, both in the company as well as the family.

May Eileen provide support to her husband and his dreams with balance that allows them to raise their children with core family values.

May Tom feel a sense of support to establish family values of love, support and cohesiveness that can be passed on to his children and strengthen the family and it's values.

May Lois experience a nourishing environment in all parts of her life where love and respect allows family values to flourish.

May Joe experience himself as a family-oriented leader providing stability to his family through a balance of spiritual, financial, emotional and psychological needs through selflessness, love, support and optimism.

May Nora continue to celebrate the uniqueness and independence of her family and the individuals of her wider community creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, compassion, growth and joy.

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