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Communication and Management of Conflict
Hubler for Business Families offers a series of successful programs in this area. The programs are tailored to you needs and emphasize the development of listening, understanding, communication skills and the successful management of differences in family-owned businesses.

Family Business Meetings
Family business meetings are an integral part of the change process for family-owned businesses. They provide an opportunity for the family to build a shared vision for the future, to meet and discuss relevant issues regarding the business and to prevent the business from eroding family relationships. Often these are half-day or day-long off-site meetings which offer family members an opportunity to reflect, share and build understanding away from the demands of the business. Initially, they are professionally facilitated in the context of the program, but most family businesses quickly establish their own leadership and continue to meet on a quarterly basis or as needed.

Strategic Planning
As family businesses move through ownership and management transitions, they often must move from an entrepreneurial to a managerial approach to the business. A strategic planning process provides an excellent roadmap for this transition, providing the opportunity to evaluate the current system and refocus the business goals and organizational plan. At HFBC, we tailor the planning process to each organization, based on size and special needs.

Money and the Family Business
Money represents one of the three most difficult topics of discussion in our culture. Money and the emotional conflicts it creates for family-owned businesses are well documented, particularly in the areas of ownership, compensation and estate planning. Professional financial strategies combined with thoughtful family discussions, can prevent the erosion of family relationships due to issues of money.

Family Wealth Preparation Planning
If you're concerned that wealth transferred to your children will act as a disincentive or erode family values, our Family Wealth Preparation service can help. It presents ways to use financial resources in a positive way and prepares children in families of significant wealth for stewardship. Our Family Wealth Preparation service shows family members how to use their wealth as an extension of your family values. Discussions cover philanthropy and how family members can lead purposeful lives, contributing to the community and their family.

How do you inspire a sense of teamwork? How can you effectively share your purpose and vision for the future? We can help to guide the family business with spirited leadership. Email us, call us at 612.375.0640, or fill out our contact form.
ServicesFamily Renewal RetreatDesigned specifically for members of family-owned businesses and families of wealth who are desirous of strengthening their family relationshipVision For SuccessHubler for Business Families' exclusive, proven six-step process helps families and their business learn to focus, empower, communicate and achieve.Wealth Care ManagementWealth Care Management (SM) is our proprietary approach to joining the financial considerations of Wealth Preservation Planning with the emotional considerations of Wealth Preparation Planning.SeminarsTom Hubler presents a variety of seminars to help family businesses begin to address difficult topics like career planning, appropriate placement of both family and non-family managers in management positions, and leadership skill development.Spirited LeadershipPrograms assist, guide and strengthen management as well as develop skills and improve communication.Estate PlanningFamilies in business want estate planning to help the next generation run the business; and economic security and asset protection are needed for the senior generation.Asset ProtectionThe family-owned business as well as personal relationships benefit by protecting economic security.Leadership ProgramsTailored for particular situations or group members, our Spirited Leadership Programs can assist and guide family-owned businesses in specific areas. By strengthening you management teams or enhancing the placement process, you can improve the dynamics between family members and business associates.ServicesOur goal is to help the family business operate successfully without normal family entanglements. Our array of family business services reflects that goal. It has been developed to help you become vision driven rather than problem focused.
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Does your family business need help with succession planning, conflict resolution, management or other issues? If so, we'll arrange a one-on-one orientation meeting with you and Tom Hubler to help you explore the possibilities of working with us. If you choose, your family and business associates can also attend. Here, in a relaxed environment, you can talk about:

- Key family business issues
- Plans necessary for the success of your family-owned business
- Possibilities and expectations
- Terms of the relationship
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