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Many family businesses prepare for the future through wealth preservation, a tool consisting of wills, tax preparation, trusts, and investments. Specialists in these areas work in concert with you, your family members and your advisors to successfully protect your assets.

Just as important as wealth preservation is Wealth Preparation Planning. Its purpose is to prepare family members for the responsibility and emotional impact of wealth.

A two-part process, Wealth Preparation Planning begins with an examination of family heritage.

  • History and ancestry
  • Visions and values
  • Family stories, traditions and wealth values.
The second part of Wealth Preparation Planning explores and identifies:
  • Values
  • Self loving
  • Caring
  • Life meaning
  • Generativity
  • Fulfillment
  • Sense of purpose
Introducing Wealth Care Managementsm.
Wealth Care Managementsm is our proprietary approach to joining the financial considerations of Wealth Preservation Planning with the emotional considerations of Wealth Preparation Planning. Wealth Care Managementsm is the greatest assurance that can be taken for preserving wealth through succeeding generations.

You've worked too hard to let the family fortune slip through your fingers. Wealth Care Managementsm can help you for today and generations to come. Contact us today by Email us, call us at 612.375.0640, or fill out our contact form.

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Does your family business need help with succession planning, conflict resolution, management or other issues? If so, we'll arrange a one-on-one orientation meeting with you and Tom Hubler to help you explore the possibilities of working with us. If you choose, your family and business associates can also attend. Here, in a relaxed environment, you can talk about:

- Key family business issues
- Plans necessary for the success of your family-owned business
- Possibilities and expectations
- Terms of the relationship
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